Nexus | operation & maintenance
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Operation & Maintenance

Nexus is the leading indigenous service Provider in the area of Operations Readiness, Realiabilty Engineering, and Plant Maintenance Services

Fast Facts


Responsible for pre-commissioning, commissioning, post-startup, and shutdown readiness services for some of Nigeria’s most critical assets including the NLNG plant (which produces 10% of the world’s LNG supply) and the Bonga FPSO (2 million barrel storage capacity).


Delivered operability and maintainability studies and guides for major investments including Shell’s GbaranUbie project (gas processing capacity 1 billion scfd) and the Sea Eagle FPSO (1.4 million barrel storage capacity)


Delivered Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS),CorrosionManagement Services (CMS) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) to 30 major energy installations, including Nigeria’s largest gas plant – the Shell Sokuplant.Soku processes about 4% of the gas that enters the global LNG market annually.


Over 60 major IOC energy facilities in the Niger Delta are currently being operated using operational technical manuals developed by our team.


General Physics

The global leader in operations, training, and maintenance manuals. Over 50% of Fortune 100 companies use RWD products

Advanced Reliability Technologies (ART)

A pioneer in the field of Reliability Centered Maintenance. ART has performed cutting edge work for NASA and other major entities.

Major partners

We are proud to have retained the trust and confidence of some
of the world’s largest and most successful companies .

Operations Assurance &
Maintenance Process

Nexus engineers and operations specialist can provide major capital “Oil & Gas” projects with “Operations Assurance” services from design stage to construction and commissioning / start up of complex facilities.


Nexus utilizes a proven and structured process to integrate Operations Assurance into major capital projects.


Nexus ensures that Operability, Reliability and Maintainability is the corner stone for its Operations Assurance process.
Nexus Operations Assurance process reduces OPEX (Operating expense) over the life of the facility for a fraction of the cost of the project’s execution. (The cost is often less than 5% of the project cost).


Most importantly, the Nexus Operations Assurance process provides a more predictable operating performance for the life of the facility.

Value Proposition

Our track record speaks for itself: we have supported the most demanding clients in Operational Assurance projects – providing planning and audit oversight on the commissioning, startup, operations, and maintenance cycle.


Today, process documentation designed and deployed by Nexus Alliance guides and controls the daily operations of several of the largest plant facilities in West Africa. Our input minimizes downtime, maximizes operational efficiency, and maximizes the plant lifecycle – thus delivering significant and quantifiable long-term value to our clients.


In addition, true to our focus on operational excellence, we are recognized as an industry leader in the deployment and management of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

Technical documentation

Developing effective expert and end user procedure documentation


Specialists in the production of Technical Documentation for the Oil, Gas and Process Industries, Nexus Alliance places at your disposal the capabilities of its multi-discipline technical authors and computer driven publishing equipment to design, write and print a wide range of documents including:

Engineering design and data books.

Operations and maintenance manuals.

Presentation graphics

Commissioning,start-up,operating and Maintenance procedures.

Publicity brochures and materials.

Training manuals.

Safety manuals.

Firm project and quality control is maintained by the professional standards of our technical documentation department. Also by using our extensive computer facilities the documentation can be easily assembled and updated, plus our numerous methods for final printing and binding ensures cost-effective implementation.


Alternatively, we offer full production of documentation in electronic format. Working from your preferred base, whether offshore, onshore, in Nigeria or overseas, or from any of our affiliates offices, Nexus Alliance is keen to supply the best possible solution to your Technical Documentation needs.

Case Studies

OMT Documentation on the Chevron Escravos Tank Farm & Dehydration Plant and EGP3 project

Nexus successfully pioneered the documentation of operations, maintenance and training manuals across all of Chevron’s facilities.


Provision of Operation, Maintenance, Training (OMT) Manuals for Chevron’s Excravos gas Project III (EGP3) that fully describe the facilities at the gas plant and integration of new and changed systems installed on the FSO into the FSO manuals.


Provision of electronic versions of the OMT Manuals to be integrated/deployed through Chevron’s Information Management System.


Tank Farm – OMT – Development of 2 sets of hard copy operations manuals for Tank farm & dehydration units at Escravos

Provision of CMMS for Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC) on five NGC Compression Stations

Nexus successfully provided Computerised Maintenance Management Systems for SPDC West Africa on 5 NGC Compression stations
Carry out Physical Asset Verification
Prepare Asset Register/SAP data for loading into SAP
Participate in a Bow-Tie workshop with much emphasis on SCEs.
Modified the Global performance standard developed by SPDC MIE Team to suit NGC requirement in line with the relevant Nigerian legislation and SPDC Operation and Maintenance guidelines.


Developed Maintenance Operations Strategies, Maintenance Matrix/Frequency for Preventive Maintenance (PM) Jobs.


Recommended 2 years spare parts for every item identified in the asset Register.


Prepared Spare Parts Management system indicating required spares, quantity available and cost.

Provision of Maintenance Integrity and Execution( MIE) Training and Implementations/ Support for Shell Nigeria (SPDC /SNEPCO).

Nexus delivered the Shell Global Process Guide training/Coaching for Work Preparation, Scheduling & Execution Operation Excellence (OE) for the East and West facilities


Developed and delivered MIE work Preparer Training/Coaching.
Developed and delivered MIE Scheduler Training/Coaching.
Developed and delivered Training/Coaching on Total Reliability Measures Dashboard (TRD)
Developed and delivered Training/Coaching in Corrective Maintenance Prioritization Tool (CMPT).
Developed and delivered Training/Coaching for Work Preparation in Line with the Global WPS&E Guide.
Delivered Training/Coaching Scheduling in Line with the Global WPS&E Guide.
Ensured that all East and West facilities complied to the Maintenance Execution (ME) in Line with the Global WPS&E Guide.

OMT Documentation for Olero Creek, Olero North, Dibi Gas, Abiteye and Satellite facilities

Nexus provided the Operations, Maintenance & Training (OMT) Manuals for these Chevron projects that fully describe the facilities at these gas plants and integration of new and changed systems installed on the FSO into the FSO manuals.


Nexus provided electronic versions of the OMT Manuals to be integrated/deployed through Chevron’s Information Management System.


Chevron Nigeria Limited

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for Escravos Produced Water Disposal (EPWD) project.

Nexus in partnership with Advanced Reliability Technologies (ART) carried out RCM studies for the EPWD project utilising ART’s RCM ReliaBuilder software to document the results and analyse the project.


The process led to a reliability-based proactive set of tasks focused on maintaining the desired functionality of systems and equipment. The process also identifies equipment for which it is most cost-beneficial to allow to ‘run-to-failure’, due to low economics, safety or environmental impacts


Chevron Nigeria Limited