Nexus | Ceo message
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Kenneth Dan-anyiam

Kenneth Dan-anyiam

Chief Executive Officer

Hello !


I’m Kenneth Dan-anyiam and I am proud and pleased to introduce NEXUS ALLIANCE to you.


Since 1998, Nexus Alliance has served businesses with significant industrial assets in the energy and infrastructure industries globally , developing competencies and capabilities in people, streamlining processes and procedures and providing engineering solutions for optimal efficiency of our client’s businesses


From our inception as a single business entity some 16 years ago we have undergone continuous growth, both organic and inorganic, resulting in our current organizational structure which comprises a parent company, wholly –owned sister companies, several substantially –owned affiliated organizations and all backed by various international household name business partners.


This development now confers upon us the assets, facilities expertise skills and international experience allowing us to deliver Energy and related industry projects, at any stage of an Asset’s Life Cycle, in any geographical location.


Engineering, Construction, Operations and Maintenance all fall within our remit, together with the necessary related systems, procedures, documentation and training of personnel.


Our top tier client list testifies to our claims to deliver efficient, effective and value –driven solutions to any client need, whether concerned with single discipline, multi-discipline or total life cycle issues.


Health, Safety and real concern for the Environment are paramount among our operational values and our history of minimal Lost Time Incidents bears witness to this fact.


So why not take a close look at our website, where you will find the detailed information you require concerning our enterprise and it’s many aspects, to allow you to choose us as a future partner.


Welcome to Nexus Alliance.